habit zero #114

the challenge


It’s an open-challenge day in Habit Zero. Look around you throughout the day and capture anything you find interesting.

This is a chance to observe with no concrete objective. Just open your mind to what’s around you. And then, use it for reflection later today.

my insight




One of the first things you learn as a photographer is to move. When novice photographers see something interesting to capture, they will often freeze in place and take a photo. You soon learn to explore for better angles before you leave the scene. You learn to actively try different perspectives by changing your position, or posture, or location physically. The impact of finding a better place to stand or of lowering the camera a bit can be outstanding.

I talk a lot about changing perspectives. The ability to change your view – to see something from a different angle — is one of the core creative skills. When you train your brain not to settle with the default perspective and actively look for new ones, the results will be different too.

When playing with seempli, we start with doing this quite literally — just like a photographer does. To capture the heart on top of the mailbox in the Insight above, I had to stand on my toes while taking the photo.

When you practice perspective shift for some time, your mind starts to look for it in other domains and naturally apply it to abstract problems as well. Soon, the problem you are trying to solve becomes different, and the solution space becomes wider.

mental notes


  • Practice changing your perspective. Start with changing your perspective physically to make your brain crave for new ones in abstract domains.

now it is your turn… be creative!



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