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What I love most about creativity in general and creative exploration with seempli in particular, is that it feeds itself. If you just let it, Creativity creates (or becomes) an infinite positive feedback loop which is not easy to break. It’s like your brain is always one step ahead of your consciousness, paving the way to the next discovery and creation.

When I’m on creative exploration, I am not always driven by a concrete goal. In fact, the “aimless” explorations are often the ones that generate the most surprising insights and discoveries.

In one of my recent creative exploration walks, I found a graffiti of a hidden face. I didn’t have any Seed or Prism in mind. I just tried to see and absorb as much as possible.

I loved its simplicity and how it plays with physical elements from its surroundings. I also liked the texture of the wall and the leftovers of the yellow paint. So, I took a photograph and moved on.

No more than ten minutes later, on a different street, the sun broke the cloudy sky. Everything was suddenly painted with intense colors and sharp contrast. And at that moment, between two buildings, I found a huge face created by the play of light and shadow. It was so volatile. In a couple of minutes, it will not be there. The sun had to be in the right angle to create it. I felt so lucky to be at this exact location at the right time, so obviously, I took its photo and continued to walk.

It was only a few days later when I revisited the photos I captured that I realized that this couple belongs together. Each looking at a different direction, as if they just argued, or maybe they still haven’t found each other; both are posing their profile and playing in some way with their physical surroundings; both in yellow; and yet one is volatile and will soon disappear while the other is here to stay, at least until someone paints over it.

I had to reunite them, and so I created a diptych and with it an idea for a new Prism.

my insight


the challenge


mental notes


  • Creativity feeds itself in an infinite positive feedback loop. If you just let it.

now it is your turn… be creative!



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