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I want to use this weekend to pause our daily creative challenge “routine” for some reflection. We will do that from time to time, and as we will soon see, this by itself is an essential part of Habit Zero — of the creative habit.

In his latest article, Larry Robertson reminds us of the power of pausing, or more accurately, how essential pausing is in the creative process.

No matter what you are engaged in, your mind will benefit from taking a pause and using it for something completely different — something that will create a new experience and will lure your mind to see things differently. This is the ultimate source for creative ideas.

If you are following Habit Zero, you probably see the connection. Habit Zero is not just a daily creative challenge — it is an invitation to pause and to create a playground for your mind. Whether it is a creative exploration assignment or building a sculpture from toys, your brain is invited to take a detour — like taking a short vacation abroad — before you go on with your day and your regular tasks.

So, your challenge for this weekend is to plan your pauses for the upcoming week. Don’t leave that to chance. Make sure you have enough time to let it go and to create the opportunity to be surprised. I guarantee that any minute invested in pausing and playing will pay off later in productivity and creativity.

And don’t forget to take a seempli challenge with you for the ride.

mental notes


  • Plan to pause. Every day.

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