habit zero #118

the challenge


Today I invite you to go back in time. Believe it or not, we have the technology. All it takes is to choose a domain or a period, do a quick search, and you are on your way.

Pick some theme or a time you would like to visit, and then, using music, movies, clothes, or whatever comes to mind, visit that place and time.

my insight experience


Purim is just around the corner — a holiday that calls for costumes and fun in general. Like every year, we throw a small (like, really small) costume party, and like most years we come up with a theme for the party. This year we decided to go for the Eurovision song contest.

So, what does that have to do with our daily challenge? Here’s the thing. One of the things I like most about having these parties is creating the playlist. And this year, as the theme is all about songs, it is extra fun.

Back in the 80s, I was one of those teenagers who was always working on a mixtape. I love music, but I never played any musical instrument. My way to express myself musically was to create great compilations, some of them based on nothing more than radio recordings.

A lot has changed since then. But some things didn’t. I still love music, and I still can’t play. But more than 30 years later, you can access millions of songs, compile infinite playlists, and immediately share them with the world. You no longer have to rely on your own private collection of records, or on whatever you managed to record from your favorite radio station. The only things you need to create your ultimate playlist is to know what you are looking for and the ability to give the playlist a life of its own — to make it more prominent than any of the songs that make it.

Creating the playlist for the party was a real time-travel experience. I didn’t hear most of the songs for years, and some for dozens of years. And each of them brought back a memory of a time when the Eurovision was the event everyone talked about for weeks around this time of year.

So, my wife and I spent a significant part of the evening listening to songs from this Spotify-based time capsule. We tried to think of more songs, and with each one we found, our smile became bigger. I felt like I’m exploring areas in my memory which I haven’t visited for a while.

It was like taking a short virtual vacation.



A couple of days ago I wrote about the need to take a pause. A pause is not just a break from your work, but also an opportunity to clear your mind — to let it wander to a completely different realm.

By doing something external like listening to old songs, watching a foreign film, or reading a book you don’t usually read, you allow your mind to explore and wonder, and at the same time to take some time off from your main tasks.

This is making the most of a pause.

mental notes


  • Use seempli eXperience to take a pause and fuel your creativity.

now it is your turn… be creative!



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