habit zero #121

the challenge


Yesterday, I dedicated the daily entry to the first word that defines my values — my ethics, as Todd Henry calls it. This is my operating system. At least this is what I aspire it to be.

Today’s entry is dedicated to its second layer.

my insight



The verb Imagine is often associated with fantasy and surreal thoughts. Most of us treat imagining as a leisure activity or a highly artistic one. Most of us don’t see imagination as something practical or with everyday applications.

Nothing could be further from the truth.



If wondering is the trigger for a making any change or improvement, imagination is our navigation system — it sets us on course toward a better reality.

Too often I hear the phrase “that’s the way things are,” or something like “this will never change.” Well, with that line of thought, there’s zero chance it will. Nothing can be created if we don’t imagine it first. We cannot grow and develop ourselves without imagining where we want to go and what we aim to become. Nothing will ever change if we can’t vividly imagine an alternative.

Imagining goes hand in hand with wondering. I try to apply curiosity in everything I do. I try to be amazed by everything I see and not take anything for granted. And I use both my curiosity and the things I collect along the way as raw material for imagining where I want to and what I wish to create.

From defining a vision to trying to anticipate the consequences of my next action, imagination is a skill I practice and apply daily. I am proud to be identified as the one who imagines — the one who dreams.

There’s only one other thing that must go with imagining, but let’s leave that for tomorrow.

mental notes


  • Imagine a better reality.

now it is your turn… be creative!



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