habit zero #122

the challenge


We’re on a three-day quest for defining our ethics, following Todd Henry’s podcast. Take some time off during the day to reflect and think about your values — what does your operating system look like?

In the two recent posts, I shared two of my values: wonder and imagine. Today, I’ll describe the third layer of my operating system.

my insight



Wondering and imagining are essential if you want to change, evolve, and create. Nothing is ever created without someone first being curious and then imagining a new reality. But that’s not enough.



If we settle with wondering and imagining, any new creation will remain in our mind. To realize it — to bring a change to the real world — we need to act.

It sounds trivial, but it isn’t really. Acting requires effort and courage. Nothing can be created without investing resources and mental energy. And this is not a bullet-proof investment. We can fail. Statistically, we are bound to fail in some of these ventures. The courage to try, taking failure as an option, and the willingness to invest and be invested in realizing the ideas you have are all encapsulated in the simple word Act.

With wondering and imagining I feel quite natural. These two values are an integral part of my operating system. Acting, however, does not always come naturally to me. And that’s why I chose this word to be in front of me 24/7. Better act than sorry.

One’s ethics is a personal thing. Whatever your values are — make sure to let them guide you. I believe, however, that Wondering, imagining, and acting is not only my operating system — it is the operating system of creativity. Without these three layers — each built on the top of the other — there is no creativity.

So, here’s my challenge for you. First, define your operating system and phrase it with 3-5 simple words. Then, make sure to use your operating system in whatever you do. But at the same time, spice up everything you do with the creativity operating-system: never stop wondering, imagine a better reality, and finally act to realize your ideas.

Be creative. Change the world.

mental notes


  • Act to realize your ideas.

now it is your turn… be creative!



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