habit zero #123

the challenge


Today we are looking for things inspired by the X2 Seed. Open your eyes, be curious and explore your surroundings.

Be creative!

my insight


This Insight was too obvious not to notice, with or without the Seed. The replica of the no entry traffic sign was so unusual that I had to capture it together with the original.

On second look, however, there are even more items in this scene which are duplicated. The name of the street and the house number appear twice, for example. The blocked windows at the front are also doubled. And the number 8 itself is made out of a shape which is duplicated.

And so, what started with an obvious Insight turned out to be the challenge of finding even more X2-inspired items in the same photo.



It is not rare to start with one Insight and reveal additional layers or surprising parts in it later. And the same applies to non-visual creative Insights. Sometimes, you have a creative idea and the more you explore it and think about it, you continue to discover surprising elements that make it even better.

mental notes


  • Continue to explore your creative Insights.

now it is your turn… be creative!




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