habit zero #125

the challenge


It’s open creative exploration day, so look out for anything unusual — anything that catches your attention would make excellent raw material for imagining and reflecting.

Be creative!

my insight




I found this cute zebra lying on the grass in the park. It was barely noticeable as if it was hiding.

What makes this Insight so special is how natural it is.

We often talk about surprising associations, unexpected connections created in our mind, and how they help us form new ideas. But sometimes things just fall neatly into place. They might seem unconnected at first, but at some level (probably a more abstract level) they just meant to be together.

Just like this zebra. Yes, it was surprising to find this piece of a puzzle in the grass. But when you think about it, isn’t that a natural place for a zebra to hang out?

Of course, this line of thought is not immediate. That what makes it creative — that what made me smile. Reality has this tendency to surprise you if you just tune into it.

mental notes


  • Find natural connections between things that seem to be unrelated.

now it is your turn… be creative!



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