habit zero #126

the challenge


Our assignment today is to capture order within chaos. Look for things neatly arranged in a chaotic environment, or disorder that looks organized when seen from a different perspective or from a distance.

Let’s play.

my insight




Yesterday, we reflected on how sometimes somethings just fall neatly into place, as if someone placed them there intentionally. And today, once again, my Insight belongs to this category.

Imagine a busy urban street… dozen of storefronts, various buildings, hundreds of people and cars — numerous shapes and colors mixing together randomly. And then, suddenly you spot a perfect combination that looks as if someone tried to create a modern art painting in the middle of the street. A perfect composition of red, yellow, and blue, spiced up with black and white spaces.

With all the randomness that surrounds us, there are numerous patterns and perfect combinations. Some are created by chance, a fact that makes them even more special. To spot them we have to be mindful. Intentionally looking of such combinations is a great playful activity for our mind and a great way to take a break from the primary things that occupy our brain.

mental notes


  • Find patterns and perfect combinations created by chance.

now it is your turn… be creative!



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