habit zero #127

the challenge


Yesterday we played with the Natural Order Seed. My Insight was derived from one possible interpretation of the Seed: I found order in a chaotic and random environment. But you couldn’t see this in the Insight itself since the context was not part of it.

So today we will play again with the same Seed, but let’s take it literally: let’s find Insights in which both the chaos and the order play together.

my insight


This pattern was created by the sunlight passing through holes in a garden chair. It is the result of a well-designed object, which just happens to be reflected on this chaotic grass.



Do you know how some say that opposites attract? Well, I don’t know if they do, but opposites often generate great creative tension.

The light playing on the dark grass and the structure of the dots on the chaotic leaves, both create tension that makes me stare at this photo. And often this is the case in real life as well. A team with one uniform voice is less creative than a diverse team in which many different views can be expressed.

It is not just about allowing different voices, nor is it only about being open to them. In creative teams, the combination of the different views is what often enables new and surprising ideas.

mental notes


  • Being open to different ideas is not enough. Aim for merging ideas to create new ones which no one could have come up with alone.

now it is your turn… be creative!



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