habit zero #130

the challenge


Today, we are going on a creative exploration with the Broken Seed. Look for things which are broken either on the surface or only when you examine them carefully. Later when reflecting on the Insight you captured, try to think about how it can be used as a metaphor for something else, from a different domain.

my insight


I was so lucky to find this mirror, perfectly broken, and reflecting the sky and the tree under which it was lying. At first, I didn’t notice it was broken. The pieces blended perfectly with the branches of the tree. When I did see the anomalies in the reflection, it made the reflection look surreal — like reality itself is broken to pieces.



A powerful way to use random Insights you capture is as triggers for reflection. One way to do that is by trying to think of them as metaphors.

Take for example the Insight I captured today. Can you use this broken reflection of reality as a metaphor for some aspect in your life or in a project you are involved in? Can it be used to shed new light on a problem you are trying to solve?

There are many card decks on the market that are designed for reflection using a collection of images. I believe that reality is much more powerful in that sense. You can find endless triggers for reflection around you, and since you are the one who sees and captures them, the reflection process will be much more powerful.

mental notes


  • Use fragments of reality for reflection.
  • Use the Insights you capture as metaphors to reflect on completely different things.

now it is your turn… be creative!



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