habit zero #131

the challenge


It’s the holiday season, so we used this chance to visit the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. I took the Art 101 Prism for the ride to make the visit even more creative.

If you don’t have time to go to a museum today, you can play Art 101 by exploring street art, an art book, or using a web service such as Google Art and Culture. And the Seed we are playing with today is Rainbow.

Ready? Let’s explore art!

my insight


Looking for a rainbow in an art museum should be reasonably easy, so even before I went in, I decided to avoid capturing an Insight which based on the artwork. I love museums not only for the artworks they host. The architecture, the lighting, and the design of the galleries, all encapsulate numerous chances for exploration and discovery.

Today was a vacation day, and the museum had many activities designed specifically for children. One of them was dedicating an entire gallery for kids to paint on its walls. This is where I captured today’s Insight.

It looks pretty trivial at first, and maybe it is. But what I love in this Insight, is the fact that while it is titled “Rainbow,” it creates the sense of a broken rainbow. The colors are scattered randomly, and not a single one of them is intact: they are all deliberately, almost violently, broken. I love this tension.



I usually find treasures in the most unexpected places — beautiful things waiting to be discovered in plain sight. But when I go to a museum, I’m in a different mindset. I expect to find deliberately created artworks. Some of them resonate with me while others leave me indifferent. But without a doubt, when I am in a museum, my attention is on what the curators decided to put on display.

Now, I obviously didn’t ignore the art that surrounded me in the museum today, but I intentionally looked for something else besides. And it worked. I found a small treasure — an Insight which is open to interpretation, creates tension, and could be the trigger for even more creative Insights. It is an Insight that makes me wonder, ask questions, and imagine, especially if I manage to ignore its real-world context and create a new one in my mind.

mental notes


  • Look for unexpected Insights even when you are surrounded by deliberate creative inspiration

now it is your turn… be creative!



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