habit zero #133

the challenge

Today we are playing with the creative exploration Prism. Our goal is to look around us and capture an Insight inspired by the Missing Piece Seed.

Let’s discover…

my insight


This beautiful fox was waiting for me in a small street near the Tel-Aviv central bus station. I saw this stunning street art and didn’t realize at first that apart from the fantastic colors and flow of this mural, it is the missing piece that captures my attention most.

I tried to imagine whether the artist created this artwork when the wall was still intact or was it created when this major piece was already missing. Was I looking at a piece of deteriorating art or a deliberate act of art with a statement? The gaze of the fox — directed at the missing piece — just made it more enigmatic.



I love Insights that are open to different interpretations as they trigger the Wondering core function in its most profound meaning. The second I saw this fox, I was amazed by its colors and its overall presence — the energy radiating from it — in the poor street where I found it. I felt admiration, and, dare I say, inspiration. It was a wonder. But then, I began to wonder and ask myself questions derived from what I saw. I can’t really answer these questions, but that’s not really important. Such a thinking exercise — trying to imagine two chains of events that led to this result — is an excellent practice of the Wondering function. And the best thing about it is that it wasn’t planned.

You see, when you are already engaged in a creative exploration (or any other creative activity for that matter), you are already in a highly receptive mode. You are tuned in to the things surrounding you. Taking this experience a bit further and stopping to wonder for a minute is a natural extension of such an activity. It’s effortless. But its impact is long-lasting.

mental notes


  • When you are practicing creative exploration, stop to appreciate the Insights you discover… and wonder

now it is your turn… be creative!



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