habit zero #136

one thing I observed


I was walking in a small street in Tel-Aviv when I saw a stand with dozens of used books outside of an old building. It wasn’t the front-end of a bookshop or any other shop for that matter. Just a plain house. The books had simple, hand-written stickers on them with prices, but there was no one around to collect your money if you wanted to buy one. If you wanted one, you just had to place the money in a small box set at the edge of the stand.

It was so naïve and heart-warming.

one thing I thought of


We often look for something new. Most of us love shiny new clothes, gadgets, furniture, and… ideas. We know we need to recycle, but we expect someone else to use our old stuff. We like to move forward, and so we often avoid looking backward.

But used things and ideas can have great value. Reusing doesn’t mean doing the same thing again. It is using something we used before, but the application and its impact can be entirely different. Both objects and ideas can have a second life. Their second life can take a completely different shape — it can set them (and you) on a new road with unexpected revelations.

Your previous ideas, whether you used them in the past or not, make an excellent territory to explore. Revisiting them and giving them a chance for a second life can revamp your project or trigger a whole new idea.

one thing to go


Visit a second-hand shop. Explore the objects and imagine their original owners. Think about how you can give them a second chance.

Revisit your ideas. Give them a second chance too whether you used them before or not.


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