habit zero #137

one thing I observed


I met this cat while taking a walk with my son in Tel-Aviv. To be honest, I was not the one who saw it. I was hypnotized by the giant, colorful graffiti cat. I was so tuned into it, that I didn’t see anything else, let alone the tri-color cat standing in the entrance of the building.

“Look at that cat,” my son said, and I was like “well, obviously, I am.” But then he pointed out the real cat, and I was so shocked that I managed to miss it, that he almost ran out of the frame before I managed to capture this photo.

one thing I thought of


I love coincidences. Don’t we all? Our pattern-oriented brain feels rewarded when we witness such a surprising connection. It surprises our mind to find a pattern in the chaotic world surrounding us.

But on another level, coincidences are created in our brain. It is our brain that makes the connection between two things that just happen to be in front of us at the same time. True, in some cases, the association is pretty apparent — just like these two cats. But in other cases, our brain fills the gap or creates something common, which is not that immediate.

At the bottom of this decorated wall, there is a text in Hebrew saying, “I am a master in screwing up.” In retrospect, this text being part of the photo that records so well something I almost managed to miss is yet another, more subtle, coincidence.

one thing to go


Actively look for coincidences, even if they are all in your head. Capture them to enjoy them later, and maybe you will find yet another layer of surprises in a second look.


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