habit zero #139

one thing I observed


It’s common to find bicycles around the city. People are locking their bikes to practically anything. It is also not rare to find bicycle parts locked, like a wheel or the frame of the bikes. But this was the first time I saw not one but two wheels, placed one on top of the other, chained to a strange-looking wooden structure.

They looked like they were there for a while, which made me wonder, why locking the two wheels (which are easier to carry than the frame) and where exactly is the frame.

And this is when I started to imagine…

one thing I thought of


Maybe these wheels are not part of a bicycle after all. Perhaps they are part of two unicycles. Imagine a strange couple riding on two unicycles, and then dismantling their wheels and locking them when they arrive at their destination. Are they acrobats? Maybe they leave in the smallest apartment and could not store two bicycles? Or perhaps they could not afford to buy two regular bikes?

The things we observe make us wonder. And the combination of exploring something and wondering about it can lead to imagining a whole new reality. This is the essence — the core — of seeing things differently.

I often imagine such strange “stories” based on visual Insights I capture. The key is not to censor yourself and let the story flow. You can fill the details and turn the one-line idea to a complete story based on a single visual Insight if you just don’t stop to say to yourself “hey, this doesn’t really make sense.” If you let your imagination flow, a new Insight — a creative imaginary Insight — will magically be created in your mind.

Look at the photo above. What story do you imagine?

one thing to go


Take a picture of something that catches your eyes. Look at the photo. Explore it and make yourself part of it. Let the image be a portal to a story you are about to imagine.


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