habit zero #140

one thing I observed


I found these floor tiles in an Italian restaurant, and I could not stop staring at them. In retrospect, I realized these tiles are not really hand-drawn. Maybe the patterns printed on them have initially been hand-made, but then they were scanned and replicated. But the first impression I had when seeing it (a feeling that lasted for long minutes) was that someone had actually painted these patterns, one by one, on the floor.

Either way, the effect this design has created was astounding. It was so fresh and unique, just as you’d expect something created by hand would have.

one thing I thought of


Mass production items dominate our life. Most of what we own is created replicated numerous times. As much as something seems original at first, it soon becomes boring just because we see so many replicas of it around us.

But there’s more to it. Even if we own a truly unique item, chances are it is not really “ours.” We can relate to it, we can love it, but it is not part of us — we were not the ones who created it.

How about changing that? How about leaving some space in your home or office for something created by no one other than you. You don’t have to be an artist. You can create your own unique painting, sculpture, photograph, or anything else you can imagine that will make the space personal and unlike any other space in the world.

one thing to go


Leave some space in your home or office for something created by you. Use it to turn the area into your own personal space — a space like no other.


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