habit zero #141

one thing I observed


I spotted this sea monster at the port of Jaffa, rising from within the waves, entirely invisible except for its white, ominous teethes. It was hiding in plain sight and once discovered, it did everything to assimilate itself again in the blue waves.

I managed to capture it in this photo just seconds before she was gone forever…. or before I had to continue my walk…

one thing I thought of


So many amazing things are hiding in plain sight. One way to discover them is to ignore their context — to block the bigger picture — and to let yourself drown in the details. By intentionally not seeing the placement of an object, its entire shape, and its context, it becomes much easier to see it differently and give it a new meaning — to create a different reality around it.

The sea surrounding this monster was nothing more than a blue wooden table, and the monster’s mouth was, in fact, a broken piece of the table’s top surface. From a distance, even a relatively close range, it was nothing more than that. Only when zooming-in — when omitting any trace of the context — does the monster pop out.

Good observers do this naturally — they don’t need to physically get closer and limit their field of view to spot such treasures. But when trying to practice and develop our observation skills, we can do this intentionally and physically until our brain gets used to see the details and build a new reality around them.

one thing to go


Zoom in. Get closer to something and explore it while ignoring its context and its “real” story.


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