habit zero #144

one thing I observed


Few things can be more visually satisfying than a contrast — a conflict between two visually distinct things. When I saw this plant with this striking background, I just had to stop and capture it. The contrast is spawned across multiple dimensions: the colors, the textures, and the life and apparent flow of the leaf vs. the stillness of the wall. All these different aspects create a tension between the leaf and its background, but it is such a tension you cannot take your eyes off. In a sense, these two subjects are a perfect match.

one thing I thought of


Opposites often attract to each other. But sometimes contrasting concepts or objects become even more powerful by the presence of their counterparts. The contrasting object often enhances the features of the second one and makes its uniqueness more apparent. And isn’t that what being a perfect couple is all about?

By looking for a contrast, or an opposite concept, we can discover something new about things we think we already know. The contrasting concept is acting as an amplifier to unexpected aspects which we might not initially notice.

The same idea can be used when we aim to solve a problem or when we are facing a challenge. Trying to bring a contrasting concept into the picture can trigger some fresh creative ideas and set us off on a surprising exploration.

one thing to go


Play with contrasting concepts when you are on creative exploration. They just might be a perfect match.

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