habit zero #145

one thing I observed


I am on vacation in London, and this is a wonderful opportunity to explore a different scenery and not just see things differently, but literally see some stuff for the first time.

So, I found this Origami building rising up above me. The diagonal straight line across it and the different angles on the front of the building create the illusion the building is a piece of paper which someone folded.

I just love it, and I think it’s because this building doesn’t make an effort to stand out. It’s not the tallest and, on first look, it is also not the strangest, and still, it is unique, and I for one, could stare at it for quite a few minutes.

one thing I thought of


If you are a follower of Habit Zero and seempli, you probably know one of our themes is the importance of getting lost. The ability to get lost and being surprised by what we perceive and sense is crucial to Creativity.

When I am in my home country, in my city, getting lost is mostly about a mental mindset. It is challenging to really get lost in a place you know. Possible, but difficult.

That is why a trip abroad is an excellent setup for a get-lost tour. What I found out, however, is that even that is not easy to do because we have a strong urge to know where we are. All the time.

I went to a walk from my hotel with the purpose of getting lost. I started to walk without a particular destination and without knowing even in which direction I am heading. It was great! But 15 minutes into the walk, after finding this fantastic building, among other things, I had an urge to open Google Maps and see where I am and just make sure I know how to get back to my hotel.

I managed to fight this urge and continue my aimless wandering, but I realized just how much we are addicted to knowing our location. We have tons of good reasons for that, but if we don’t take some time to recreate the experience of getting lost, we are bound to lose something invaluable.

one thing to go


Use any opportunity to get lost. If you take a trip to a place you haven’t visited for a while, make sure to have some GPS-free time and just enjoy what you see and sense without knowing where you are or where you are heading.


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