habit zero #146

one thing I observed


So, obviously, getting lost was only the first of many Insights from my short time in London. Some of them don’t have anything to do with London, except that I found them there, and that I was more observant than usual. And the Insight above is an excellent example of that.

I found this Spiderman hat in the Tower of London, and maybe this adds some nice background story to the Insight. But what caught my eye is the clash between the old and the modern, and between the seriousness of the place and the lightness of this hat.

But above all, when you ignore the context, the background story, and the fact that this is just a hat, this frame just happen to look like a scene from a Spiderman movie. Can you imagine Spiderman escaping this chamber? Or maybe, this bright light is a portal to another dimension in the Spider-Verse?

one thing I thought of


Take two totally unrelated objects and put them together in the same frame, and magic can happen. Somehow, the interaction (and sometimes tension) between two objects (or an object and a context) even if placed arbitrarily in the frame, is a source for creative insights and new ideas.

And the same applies to abstract concepts. Take two such concepts and place them in the same virtual idea space (for example, when brainstorming) and new ideas can emerge from the interaction between them. If you just treat them as Lego bricks and play with them.

one thing to go


When looking for a creative solution to a problem, try adding to the virtual idea space arbitrary concepts. Play with the concepts and magic will happen.


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