habit zero #148

one thing I observed


What is it you’re looking at, you might be wondering? Try to forget that for a second, and let yourself drown in this blue-greenish color and the mesmerizing geometric pattern.

You might recognize this ceiling covering the entrance hall of the British Museum in London. I found it hypnotizing. I don’t know how (or if) to compare it to the real exhibits in the museum. But it was an eye candy that made me smile and imagine.

one thing I thought of


We go to museums for the exhibits on display. But museums are often impressive buildings with irregular architecture and interior space design. Some spaces or elements within them can be fantastic to observe and explore. They might be great to get lost in. They might even be a work of art.

Exploring the spaces between the formal exhibits is a fun exercise in shifting focus from the “main event” to something in the background, or something we didn’t intend to see.

one thing to go


On your next museum visit, explore the spaces between the exhibits. Capture insights you find when observing them.


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