habit zero #149

one thing I observed


Most of the time, you have to be in the right mindset to see things differently. Often, it happens entirely inside your head: you see something, and your brain interprets it as something different or adds layers on top of it.

There are times, however, when someone has already done all the work for us, and we just need to sit back and enjoy it. And this fantastic car is a perfect example of that. No one can ignore it. You don’t have “to see things differently” to enjoy it, because someone already turned it into something extraordinary.

So, let’s take a minute to appreciate it. Look at the car carefully. Let yourself drown in these beautiful pink hearts.

But wait… there’s something else there…

one thing I thought of


So someone did all the work for us… but surprises are everywhere. Someone might create a heart-full car, but have you noticed the graffiti on the wall behind it? It’s a perfect match in terms of subject colors, s well as colors, and that’s just an amazing coincidence. And even if it is not a coincidence, this relationship between the car and the wall is far less noticeable, and requires some perspective change: we need to zoom out, see the big picture, and zoom back in to connect the details.

When we come across something remarkable, it is easy to focus on it and ignore its context or other things in our peripheral vision. Often, the result is that we miss something with an even more significant impact. This is true for a heart-painted car as well as for a great solution to a problem. Taking a step back and also looking sideways might just turn these revelations into more impactful discoveries with more significant implications.

one thing to go


When you come across something surprising, take some time to appreciate it, but make sure to also look around it. You might just reveal something more impactful than you initially considered.


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