habit zero #150

one thing I observed


I love old buildings. Not the historical, well-preserved ones. I love the simple buildings nobody seems to care about — the unmaintained ones; the ones that show the signs of time and seem to hold the memories of the people who lived in them.

This storefront hypnotized me. The combination of wood and metal, brown and blue, glass and a placeholder for glass — they all create an amazing composition which I personally could not come up with. It seems so arbitrary on the one hand, and carefully designed on the other.

Later, when revisiting this Insight, I noticed a recurring element that I haven’t seen in real-time. I’ll give you a hint in the form of this Seed…

one thing I thought of


Just like we discovered in the previous entry, a second look can be as powerful as our first Insight. Taking some time to carefully observe this storefront didn’t just enable me to appreciate the details I initially saw — it helped me to discover additional details, which made it even more full of wonder.

Revisiting your Insights is a powerful enhancement to any creative exploration activity.

one thing to go


Take the time to revisit your thoughts, ideas, and insights. Reflection is an integral part of creative exploration. Often, you will have new discoveries when revisiting the insights you’ve collected along the way.


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