habit zero #151

one thing I observed


Well, more than one actually…

So, here I was waiting for my bus. The road was almost empty, which is unusual for that time of day. After 20 minutes, we realized that the road is blocked and the bus will not be arriving any time soon.


I decided to walk to the nearest train station.

It was dark, and I took a route I never did before. I decided it’s a perfect chance to have an experience.

During the next 30 minutes, I found things I don’t usually see. An animated horse, the moon hiding behind a composition of metal bars, and the silhouette of a flag that came alive thanks to the wind. The streets were almost empty, and I took the memories of all these treasures with me.

I got to the train and felt an urge to do something new with the things I have collected. I downloaded a video editing app and started to play with the pieces of the puzzle.

one thing I thought of


Capturing short videos instead of still images opened up a new world for me. Honestly, I don’t think the result is good, and with much less effort, I could have probably produced a more impressive still collage. But I had some unplanned dead time, so I used this opportunity to experiment. It was the second experience that evening, which made the impact of the unexpected detour even stronger.

Opportunities such as this one are not rare, but we rarely spot them on time to make the most of them.

one thing to go


Use any opportunity you come across to do something irregular — to take a detour in your daily routine.

Experiment with things you don’t have a creative experience with. Try new materials, mediums, subjects, or whatever comes in your way to express yourself. What’s the worst that can happen?


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