habit zero #152

one thing I observed


I found this magical circle of light yesterday, during my walk in Tel-Aviv. Honestly, I don’t know how people can walk by it without stopping and staring. I find it mesmerizing. The spiral chain of lights that seems to be thoughtfully arranged clashes with the sloppy pieces of tape holding it in place. The bright circle looks like a source of light against the dark background. One might think this object is trivial — I find it enigmatic.

A few minutes later, I found its counterpart. A perfect, clear circle through which the sky was apparent, surrounded by strange, fractal patterns of paint, or lack of it.

one thing I thought of


When you become aware of something, like the first circle I found, your mind gets tuned into similar stimuli. But what seems like harmony, on the one hand, can embed surprising dimensions of tension in aspects where the two insights contradict each other.

Looking at two similar things, side by side can reveal a lot about each of them. It is as if one emphasizes some traits of the other.

The same applies when finding creative solutions to the challenges you have. Finding one solution is good. Finding the second one, however, can help you gain new insights and refine your plan. It’s not that the second solution is necessarily better than the first one. But it can shed new light on the problem and how you approach it.

one thing to go


Found an Insight to a challenge you are facing? Keep looking for additional ones that will enable you to see the first one from other perspectives.


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