habit zero #157

the challenge


Play with the Prism…

Using this Seed…

And create a…

here’s a thought…


We all have visual leftovers — photos we took and didn’t find any use for. We rarely delete them, but we never meant to share them, post them, or add them to any album.

Today we will use these visual leftovers as inspiration.

The Recycle Bin game starts with a Seed that will help us find some hidden gem in our old, unused photos. The Seed we will use is Taste. Take a couple of minutes to go through your photo archive and look for a picture you can associate with Taste. Any association will do. The Seed is only here to help you focus on something to look for.

The photo I found was taken in a small Italian restaurant. Although it doesn’t include any food, the connection to Taste, at least in my mind, was obvious.

The second part of the challenge is to write a poem. The inspiration for the poem, as you might guess, should be the photo you have found. While you can also use the Seed for inspiration when writing the poetry, this is not required. The primary inspiration for the poem should be the visual Insight you found.

Such a two-phase challenge is an excellent way to find ideas and inspiration for writing or other projects.

my Insight


We share a table
and share some words
that share some letters
and nothing more.

We share a life
and share some moments
and the voids between them
create the illusion of

now it is your turn… be creative!



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