Like a Child Again

Crowds of people seem like a moving forest. This lady looks very similar to a tree with her Afro Wig. Is hair the equivalent of leaves for trees and do trees envy each other’s haircut. Were haircuts inspired by gardening or vice versa? What defines our sense of aesthetics? Are there pre determined mental patterns which dictate what we consider as appropriate. We can probably create more if we blur the lines between beautiful and ugly. Ugly could be raw material for a different set of mental process. I wonder what happens if we switch the words in our heads and call everything beautiful ugly and everything ugly beautiful. What would i think of the smell of my morning cup of coffee or a basket of rotten tomatoes? How would that alter my approach to things? How would i feel about a unicorn riding a bicycle, would i see that as wierd or normal? What is normal anyways? What if everyone woke tomorrow and decided that normal would be weird and weird would normal? That would be interesting. it would be completely okay to strap a cup of coffee to the bonnet. Or better create a contraption that allows you to use the heated water from the radiator to make coffee. It would be connected to a hose with a suction pump and a filtration system in built. Pouring yourself some hot water for coffee through a hose connected to radiator could be fun!

Inspiration Seed

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