seempli Create™

Like any skills and any muscle, the more you use your Creativity, the better it gets. Creating for no reason at all is the best (and most playful) practice for mastering your Creativity. With time you will discover that you become more creative when it comes to real-world challenges and opportunities.

Playing seempli create™ is easy. Just follow these steps and play with the random set of cards. A new playset is generated every five minutes.

Remember, there is no right or wrong answer. Just have fun!

Just getting started? Read this 5-minute guide!

the Playground

This is the context in which you are playing. Explore it and look for inspiration. Use the seed below as your guide.

the seed

Look within your playground for something you can associatively connect with the seed or fuse with it…

now, create…

Use what you found and optionally the seed as inspiration to create something of this type…

Don’t hold back and don’t think about the quality of your creation. Just have fun…

seempli pro member?

Play seempli create with more playgrounds, seeds, and creation types and with the addition of creative constraints

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