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seempli create™ is an infinite Creativity multi-trainer. Its goal: to inspire and help you practice your Creativity Operating System — the seven core skills that make us all creative.

The game is designed for infinite play. With billions of surprising playsets, you can play with seempli create™ every day, several times a day. Each time you play, you will use your creative muscles and make them stronger and more flexible. Using the game will spice up your day with playfulness and imagination, which are essential to your productiveness, motivation, and wellbeing.

This short guide will help you get familiar with the building blocks from which a playset is made and how to use them. As you will see, this is just the starting point. The real power of seempli create™ is that you can take it as far as your imagination goes.

The Building Blocks

A play of seempli create™ starts with a set of cards: a Playground, a Seed, and a Creation Type. If you wish to further spice up the game, you can add a Constraint card and additional Seeds to the set.

Let’s see how each of these building blocks is used in the game.

The Playground

As you can guess, the Playground defines where we play. Some playgrounds are physical places like a street or an unfamiliar room. Other Playgrounds are conceptual or virtual, like a family album or Wikipedia.

The Playground is where we look for inspiration. Whatever the Playground is, explore it mindfully. Observe it with all your senses. You are not looking for anything specific. You are looking for the spark of an idea — some ingredients that you will later use to create something. The actual creation will not necessarily happen in the Playground. The Playground is just our source of inspiration.

The free version of seempli create™ includes only the most generic playground: everywhere you are.
seempli Pro members can play with numerous playgrounds.

To help us in our creative exploration and mindful observation, we will use a Seed.

The Seed

A Seed is basically a word or a phrase (although you will come across some abstract drawings every now and then too). As simple as this may sound, a Seed helps us in our creative exploration by focusing our attention and imagination on things we tend to ignore, or on a new interpretation of things we take for granted. In that sense, a Seed is like a magical lens that makes us see the world differently.

The way we use a Seed is open-ended. All you need to do is to keep the Seed in mind, but avoid overthinking it. As you explore the Playground, look for things you can associate with the Seed or fuse with it. Let your imagination lead the way, and don’t dismiss anything, even if the connection to the Seed seems strange or far-fetched.

As you explore the Playground and you gain some discoveries, take notes or take some photos so you can remember them vividly later and use them for your creation.

seempli Pro members can add a second Seed to the game. When playing with two Seeds, the combinations you get might be even stranger and more enigmatic. In turn, they will lead you to an even wider creative space. Another option is to ignore the second Seed in the exploration step and use it only when you later create something.

your creation

Now, with the discoveries you had during your creative exploration, it is time to create something. And that’s where the Creation card comes into play.

The Creation card defines what it is we are going to create. From a story or a collage to a breakfast or a themed day — what we are about to create is where we take what we observed, associated, and fused, and use it as raw material to generate something imaginative and new.

We are not aiming for a masterpiece. The point of the game is not to create something perfect, but rather to experience and be engaged in the creative flow. The only guideline is that we must use what we have discovered, or the Seeds, or both as inspiration for our creation. You will soon realize that this is not a limitation, but rather the key to coming up with surprising and imaginative results.

seempli Pro members have a bigger variety of Creation Types to play with.

The Constraint

To make the game even more challenging, you can add a Constraint card. When adding a Constraint, you must apply it to your creation or during the exploration phase.

Some constraints might seem trivial for some Creation Types. Some might seem strange and enigmatic. Coming up with a creative way to apply the Constraint is part of the game.

Constraints are available for seempli Pro members.

Putting it all Together

Now that we understand how to use the different building blocks, let’s walk through an example to see how everything fits together to form a creative experience.

Before we do that, keep in mind that the beauty of the game is that it is genuinely open. You can take a playset and play with it differently. You can take it as far as your imagination goes. The following example is a guide to the default gameplay. It is certainly not the only way you can play.

So, here’s the set we played with:

Our Playground in this set was A Street, and so the first thing we did, was to go out for a short walk. Note that even if you play again with the same Playground card, you can choose a different street to explore. Playground cards define only the type of Playground, which means they are yet another open dimension of the game.

We took with us the Maze Seed. We observed the things around us mindfully while keeping the word Maze in mind. As a result, a few things caught our eyes, and we took some photos to use later in the creation step.

The connection to the concept of a Maze can be obvious or purely associative. It doesn’t matter. Our sole goal is to have as many such discoveries as possible during the creative exploration, so we will have many ingredients to play with and use as inspiration later.

When we got back home, we took some time between other tasks to create a 50-Word Story, as defined by the Creation card. To do that, we revisited the photos and notes we took during our exploration. We used them as inspiration, but again in a very associative way. We let our imagination lead us. And this is the story we came up with:

The scenery was hypnotizing. From above, the rocky terrain looked like an infinite maze. There was no place to land in sight. As the sun set and the shadows grew longer, the labyrinth became alive. He activated the auto-pilot, closed his eyes, and imagined she was holding his hand.

As you can see, the story is derived from one of the photos we took. We found this stone which was part of a wall, and when we revisited it, it looked like rocky terrain from above. In this example, the word Maze appears explicitly in our creation, but this is not required, of course. As long as you use something you have discovered and the Seed as an inspiration, any result is perfect.

Without the Seed, we probably would have missed this discovery, and without this discovery, we wouldn’t have come up with this idea for our ultra-short story.

This is the magic of seempli create™. And every time you play with it, it becomes more surprising.

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