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The entire seempli Platform is free for personal, non-commercial use:

  • More than 1,000,000 open-ended creativity challenges and games based on the ever-growing collection of seempli Seeds, Prisms, and  Experiences
  • Dozens of seempli Boosters with tips for igniting creativity

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        * In our free plan, you can access one challenge or game every day.

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        seempli creativity packs™ + seempli playbook™

        The seempli Creativity Packs™ are curated collections of creativity activities, challenges, and games based on the infinite seempli Platform.

        Every month we issue at least one new pack that will ignite your creativity and imagination throughout the month.

        Whether your goal is to enhance your creative skills or just have some unusual, imaginative fun, the seempli Creativity Packs are your perfect companion.

        The seempli Playbook is a collection of activities you and your team can play with for ideation, reflection, team building, and learning. Each Play is designed to help you apply seempli and your creative skills in the context of a specific goal.

        For 5$ or less a month, a seempli Pro subscription includes:
        • Access to the entire Creativity Packs archive
        • At least one new Creativity Pack every month, curated and annotated by Lidor Wyssocky, the Creator of seempli and a Creativity Enabler
        • Creativity tips that go beyond playing the game
        • Dozens of Plays in the seempli Playbook

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        be an inspiration

        Unleash the power of seempli to inspire people and teams in your organization and help them realize their creative potential.

        The seempli Enabler license enables you to use the seempli platform for non-commercial workshops, team building activities, mentoring, brainstorming sessions, creative problem solving, creativity development and more throughout your organization.

        All this for just 80$ a month*!

        The Enabler license** also includes:

        • Powerful Enabler Zone designed to help you find and define the perfect activities for your needs
        • 3 hours of 1:1 personal mentoring designed for Org Enablers that will help you take seempli to the next level in your organization
        • 20% discount on additional Personal Creativity Mentoring
        • 20% discount on our unique remote Guided Creativity Games for you and your team

              * Billed annually
              ** The license allows the enabler to design and share activities throughout the organization. The license itself is personal and cannot be shared.


              inspire the world

              If you are working with individuals, teams, and organizations, seempli is a power-tool that upgrades your mentoring toolbox.

              With the seempli Pro Enabler license, you will be able to use seempli in workshops, 1:1 mentoring, team building activities and more.

              The seempli Pro Enabler license is a commercial license designed so you could provide services based on seempli or use seempli to spice-up any service you are already providing.