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seempli is 100% free for personal use

Plans & FeaturesExplorer
PriceFree60$ 30$ - 60$ 1250$
foreverper yearper year per member
depending on # of members
per year
Basic Creative Gym
Full Creative Gym with more than 20,000(!) Creative Challenges-
Powerful seempli PrismsTM designed to create endless opportunities for Creativity Development-
NEW: The seempli ReMix PrismsTM designed to unleash a whole new level of creativity-
seempli Pro BoostersTM to help you when you are blocked-
seempli GearsTM for igniting Ideation, Problem-Solving, Learning, and more.-
Team Scoreboard ---
Easy User and Admin Management---
Special seempli GearsTM with dozens of Group Activities for empowering your team-
seempli Enabler BoostersTM to help you design workshops ---
Enabler Zone
for easy access to the entire seempli platform
License for Personal Use 
as long as membership is active
License for Leading Commercial Workshops and Activities
as long as membership is active
Reselling or Modification ----
NotespersonalpersonalTeam Owner can reassign licenses throughout the yearpersonal


Here's the Deal

The entire seempli Platform is free for non-commercial use:

  • Thousands of open-ended creative challenges based on the growing collection of seempli Seeds, Prisms
  • Dozens of seempli Gears designed to help you apply seempli to real-world challenges and turn them into opportunities
  • Curated starter kit designed to build creativity as a habit
  • Dozens of seempli Boosters with tips for igniting creativity
  • The new seempli eXperience deck for making every day special


  • If you are intrigued — come right in.
  • If you like what you see — keep visiting us and spread the word.
  • And if you can help us realize our vision, we'd appreciate your support

Personal Use is any use you do for non-commercial purposes. Please refer also to our complete Terms of Service.

Commercial Enabler License

An Enabler License turns seempli from a personal creativity toolbox to a powerful mentoring toolbox.

A commercial license enables you to use The seempli Platform and its content for commercial workshops, classes, one-on-one mentoring, team-building activities, and lectures for a period of one year.

Reselling of material or products based on the content of The seempli Platform is not part of the Enabler license. 

Contact us for further details.

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