the seempli creativity platfrom v3.0

realize your creative potential


The ultimate creativity toolbox


Creativity starts with the way we experience the world — mindfully and actively experiencing it.

The first layer in the Creativity Platform is designed to trigger experiences and making every day special and surprising.

The Experience layer is essential to the development of creative skills.


The core of Creativity is the ability to see things differently. To achieve that we first have to sharpen our curiosity and observation skills.

Curiosity is the cornerstone of Creativity. Observation is essential to collecting raw material from the world around us - the building blocks for any creative idea.


Seeing things differently is an act of imagination - using the raw material we have collected for generating new ideas.

The Observe-Imagine cycle is the core of any creative act in any domain: business, science, art, and self-growth.

Like any skill, the Observe-Imagine core has to be developed and mastered. We need to get (and stay) in creative shape.

The ever-growing collection of seempli SeedsTM, PrismsTM, and BoostersTM is designed to create thousands of fun open-ended Creative challenges you can play with on a daily basis.

Use it to turn Creativity into a habit as natural as breathing.


Once we master the Observe-Imagine skill and turn it into a habit, we can apply it to any situation that can benefit from a touch of Creativity: problem-solving, ideation, education, and more.

seempli GearsTM are Creative Processes that are built on seempli's Observe-Imagine cycle as their core.

Just pick a relevant seempli GearTM, follow the defined steps, and apply your Creativity to the challenges and opportunities you face.