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Experiences are the food of Creativity. When we experience, our senses are more alert, and as a result, we consciously and unconsciously collect more ingredients that can be used later for creative insights.

The Experience! Play is designed to help you experience something new every day.

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Spice up your day with creativity-provoking experiences

Experience! is designed to help you experience something new every day. On top of being essential as food for Creativity, experiencing new things is an excellent habit for improving your mood, motivation, focus, and productivity.

  • Pick a random Experience
  • Plan when and where to play
  • Play and record what you thought and sensed
  • Optionally, create an Insight inspired by what you have experienced
  • Play every day
  • Plan when to have the experience
  • Record your thoughts and observations

here's what you need

The random Experience is refreshed once a day for guests and once every 5 minutes for  seempli members. 

your experience

let's create...

set it up

Every seempli Experience is different in nature, so there are no general setup requirements. Most Experiences are designed to be played practically anywhere at any time and without any prerequisite. The only thing you have to do in advance is to plan to play!


Most Experiences are designed to be played alone. This does not mean you can't experience them with close friends or family, though.


Depends on the Experience.


Depends on the Experience, but you can play with most of them wherever you are.

let's play!

Step 1

Pick a random Experience

Pick a random seempli Experience and read it. Don't try to imagine how it will be like having this experience. Just decide to try it. Some Experiences might seem more challenging or just strange. These would be the most effective ones to have, so don't look for an Experience you feel comfortable with!

We recommend picking an Experience early in the morning to have time to plan when and where to play.

Step 2

Plan when and where to play

Plan the time and place to play based on your agenda.

You can play with most Experiences on your dead-times as they don't require any preparations, setup, or specific location. Others might require a particular place to play in or a dedicated time slot. That is why it is essential to examine your agenda for the day and see when the Experience you've picked can fit.

Some Experiences can be played several times during the day. Each time, you will gain new Insights and have different thoughts on what you are sensing.

If you can, plan the playing time between challenging tasks that consume a lot of brain-power. Taking some time off doing something unordinary and unrelated to your primary tasks is an excellent opportunity to recharge your creative energy.

Step 3

Play and record what you thought and sensed

When playing with the Experience, make sure to come open-minded. Leave the cynicism aside, even if the Experience seems ridiculous. The whole point of having an experience is doing something we don't normally do.

Most Experiences are not tangible. They are volatile, and once you have them, they remain a memory. That's why it is vital to write down what you thought and sensed while having the experience. Recoding your experiences in a journal will help you reflect on them in the future. Your journal entry will also be used to retrieve the memories of what you observed and wondered about. This, in turn, is a step toward connecting the experience and the ingredients you've collected to form a future creative idea.

Step 4

Optionally, create an Insight inspired by what you have experienced

Use what you thought, felt, or discovered while doing the previous steps to trigger creative exploration and create an Insight. Translate the experience you had into a new creation. It doesn't have to be a documentary. You should use the experience as an inspiration and let your imagination lead the way from there.


None at this time.


None at this time.