Art 101

Lidor Wyssocky

  • Pick 5 random Seeds
  • Go to an Art Museum
  • Observe the artworks and capture insights based on the Seeds

Some Seeds

About this Prism

Visiting the museum is really like visiting a parallel universe. Unlike a random walk down the street, when we visit a museum we are actively and explicitly observers.

The classic approach toward looking at artwork involves understanding its historical context, the biography of the artist, etc. But there’s another (and dare I say more fun) way: looking at art through your eyes. This way makes you part of the artwork. It relies on your imagination, not just the artist’s imagination. Instead of trying to understand the artwork, you become connected with it.

The Art 101 Prism is a perfect companion for your museum visit. Try to look at artworks through the Seeds. Find something personal only you can see in them. Give the artworks whatever meaning you think of. Imagine and make them your own!

And don’t forget to capture your insights and share them in the Seed’s page. You can do so by taking a picture if photography is allowed in the museum you visit. If photography is not allowed, try to capture your insights in words.