Lidor Wyssocky

  • Pick a Seed
  • Don’t try to make sense of it
  • Keep the Seed in mind and look around you mindfully wherever you go
  • Until you seempli see it…
  • Capture an Insight inspired by the Seed

A Seed

About this Prism

Exploration is the most basic seempli Prism: it’s how seempli started. The idea behind it is simple, but at the same time far from being trivial.

We rarely stop for a moment to really see what we are passing by in the street, in nature, on the road, or sometimes even in our own home. We rarely practice the natural ability each of us had as a child: to explore the world and be amazed by it.

When we pick a random Seed and just go out with our eyes and mind open, not trying to look for something, but rather to observe the world mindfully and be ready to be surprised, we practice this natural ability we had as children. The Seeds are just the trigger, it all happens in our minds.

This is the first most fundamental Prism because most other Prisms are built on top of it. It’s the perfect practice we can take with us anywhere, at any time. All we need is our senses and our mind.

One last note regarding what “Capture” means in the context of seempli. In some Prisms, we aim for Insights to be captured in a specific form or a specific medium (for example textually). In The Wanderer, however (as well as any other Prism that doesn’t state otherwise), the word Capture is open to your interpretation.

The most trivial way we thought of for capturing an Insight based on observation is doing so visually, using a photograph. But you are free to choose any medium or form you feel comfortable with, or one you wish to explore: photography, writing, drawing, or any other form of capturing your Insights are great, but remember the goal is to observe and explore the world around you first!

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