Perfect Match

Lidor Wyssocky

  • Pick a Seed
  • Capture an Insight inspired by the Seed in which two contrasting subjects are complementing each other

A Seed

About this Prism

Opposites often attract to each other. But sometimes contrasting concepts or objects become even more powerful by the presence of their counterparts. The contrasting object often enhances their features and makes their uniqueness more apparent. And isn’t that what being a perfect couple is all about?

When playing Perfect Match, you should capture an Insight inspired by the Seed in which there are two contrasting subjects. The contrast can be in any dimension or feature of the subjects. Note, that we are not looking for something contrasting the Seed. The Seed is just acting as a trigger, and what you capture should be inspired by it as a whole.

To make this challenge even more interesting, try playing with it textually instead of visually: write a short text with contrasting subjects inspired by the Seed.

Once you capture an Insight, reflect on the power of contrast and how it contributes to the Insight.