Sliced Text

Lidor Wyssocky

a seed

let's create a...

prism steps

  • Print an article
  • Cut it into several slices
  • Pick a Seed
  • Reconstruct the text and use the Seed as inspiration to complete it

about this prism

Sliced Text is an exercise in writing in a context you do not control. Your task is to reconstruct an article you’ve just torn and complete the pieces in a surprising way. You are free to take it anywhere you like, even to extreme places that don’t make sense. In other words, your goal is to have fun and not necessarily write a publishable article. However, no matter what you do, you should use the Seed as an inspiration.

An interesting thing to note is that you can slice the article in different ways. You can use the paragraph as your guide, of course, but you can also slice it vertically and by that remove part of each line. This will turn the game into a much more challenging game with even stranger results.