Habit Zero

habit zero #027

the challenge   After our art-based exploration mini-series we are back in the real world. I will use the core Exploration Prism today and the Seed I got with it is the Vulnerable Seed.

habit zero #026

the challenge   Five days ago I visited the Israel Museum in Jerusalem with the Art 101 Prism and five random Seeds. My goal was to explore the artworks using the Seeds — to see them through these magical glasses. Today we are concluding the mini-series of five posts dedicated to this visit. I chose …

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habit zero #025

the challenge   It’s the fourth part of my Art 101 challenge — exploring artworks in a museum and capturing insights inspired by seempli Seeds. The next Seed I played with is the Genesis Seed. I felt I had to find something to justify such a meaningful title. And luckily, I did.

habit zero #024

the challenge   It’s the third part of my museum exploration. The next Seed I played with is the Waterless Ocean Seed. With this cryptic title in mind, I continued my tour between the artworks.

habit zero #023

the challenge   This is the second part of my Art 101 challenge. If you haven’t been with us yesterday, you can catch up with the context in this post. The second Seed I used for my artsy creative exploration is the Vertigo Seed.

habit zero #022

the challenge   Today, I am on a special assignment: a creative exploration on an art museum. You might wonder why is that even a challenge. Isn’t an art museum the place to see creative work? Well, yes. But that doesn’t mean we — the viewers — don’t play an important part in the game. …

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habit zero #021

the challenge   Memory Lane is a Seed with more than a title — it includes some instructions. In this case I should capture an Insight inspired by a childhood memory. With this Seed I got a Constraint Prism instructing me to make sure the Insight I capture uses lighting as an important element in …

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habit zero #020

the challenge   Today we are on a creative exploration looking for Insights inspired by the Superpower Seed. We can look for a specific superpower or try to find a new and surprising interpretation. Let’s see what surprises this day will enfold.

habit zero #019

the challenge   Today we are about to play with a Maker Prism — a Prism challenging us not just to explore and capture but also to create something. If you feel the upcoming challenge is somewhat childish that’s great! One of the important things we are aiming for is to recreate the way we …

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habit zero #018

the challenge   We are going to lower our gaze today with the Ground Level Seed. This is a unique Seed as it can act as a Prism as well when played together with a different Seed. But today we will use it in its simplest form: looking at the ground to find something interesting …

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