Habit Zero

habit zero #017

the challenge     Our creative assignment for today is to look around us for Insights inspired by the Gradient](https://staging2.seempli.com/seed/gradient)) Seed. Like all other Seeds, the title can have many interpretations and associations. This time I decided to go for the most immediate one (at least for a photographer): looking for gradient colors. Don’t limit …

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habit zero #016

the challenge   Today I am playing without a Seed. Anything goes — as long as it catches my attention and makes me wonder, smile, feel, or any combination of the three. I took a walk in the port of Jaffa, and it didn’t take long before I felt all the above.

habit zero #015

the challenge   The creative task I did yesterday started with three Seeds, which inspired three Insights, which in turn helped me write a short story. Compared to that, my challenge for today is super-simple: a creative exploration based on a single Seed: the Pastel Seed. But this does not mean that this challenge will …

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habit zero #014

the challenge   The challenge generated for me today differs from the ones we did in the past two weeks. It is a combination of creative exploration and creative writing. The point is not to write a good story — I can’t imagine that I could — but rather to experience working with a different …

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habit zero #013

the challenge   Today is a constraint-free exploration day, and the Seed I got is the Iron Man Seed. The difficulty in such a Seed is that it is super-easy to get captured in one concrete interpretation — especially if you know the comics character. Let’s see what we can make of it.

habit zero #012

the challenge   Do you ever get the feeling you are surrounded by arbitrary constraints limiting your moves, confining you to a solution space which does not look too promising? Well, if you are into “the theory of creativity” you already know that although it sounds counter-intuitive, constraints boost creativity. When you are surrounded with …

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habit zero #011

the challenge   Back to a Seed-guided creative exploration today. We are using the Exploration Prism together with the Monopoly Seed. Where it will take us? We’ll just have to wait and see.

habit zero #010

the challenge   If you are following habitzero and taking an active part in this journey, there’s a good chance that by now you have realized that there are amazing things everywhere and that anything can be an inspiration. We are using a daily creative challenge as a trigger or a driver to look around …

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habit zero #009

the challenge   It’s exploration day and the Seed I randomly picked is the Tornado Seed. It is one of those Seeds that creates a vivid picture in your mind — you know how a tornado looks like, but where are you going to find one today? That the title of the Seed is very …

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habit zero #008

Drawing by Etamar Wyssocky  the challenge   Today I decided to do something different. Instead of picking a Prism and a Seed, I played with a seempli eXperience card.

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