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From seeing things differently to experiencing and being mindful; from finding creative solutions to empowering your team — seempli is your ultimate creativity toolbox.

Click a card and start realizing your creative potential.

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Our curated starter kit is the perfect place to start your creative journey

Master Your Creativity

Your creativity is your most valuable asset.

Get and stay in creative shape. Take a new fun, creative challenge with you every day and play throughout the day.

ReMix Your Creativity

Unleash the power or the seempli Prisms™ and Seeds™ with surprising combinations that take will spark your imagination.

Generate Ideas

Turn any challenge into an opportunity.

Use the seempli ideation gears to generate creative ideas in your personal and professional life.

Ideate as a Team

Harness the collective creativity of your team to generate ideas and creative solutions that will surprise everyone.

Overcome Creative Blocks

Creativity is unpredictable. Sometimes, when we need it most, we feel blocked.

Reignite your creativity with these block smashers.

Be Present

To realize your creative potential, you must be able to slow down and be present.

A special collection of activities designed to help you to practice mindfulness, reflection, and introspection.

seempli eXperience

Experiences feed creativity. The more you experience, the more food for creativity you have.

Don't let a day go by without experiencing.

Spice Up Learning

Future-ready learning is built with imagination.

Use the seempli Learning Gears for new learning experiences

Empower Your Team

Turn your team into a dream team.

Team activities that create stronger, creative teams

seempli Workshops

From one-on-one mentoring to multi-teams guided creativity games, our workshops will help you and your team take your creativity to the next level.

inspire others

Inspire others and help them realize their creative potential.

Be a seempli Enabler.