Deep Space

Lidor Wyssocky

  • During your museum visit, take a break and look at the spaces surrounding the artworks
  • Explore the building, the walls, the floors, and the ceilings
  • Optionally, use a Seed and look for something inspired by it
  • Write down what you see and sense

We go to museums for the art. But often, the things surrounding the artworks are as impressive. Museums often have unusual architecture. Their geometry and internal design are also far from being trivial. Exploring the museum itself can be a creative experience as much as exploring the art on display.

During your museum visit, take some time to explore the museum itself. Observe the spaces between the artworks. Explore the building from the inside and its outside. Describe what you see and sense in writing.

Optionally, use a random Seed and look for things inspired by or associated with the Seed.


a Seed to play with


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