another day at the office

the office is your creative playground


Many of us spend dozens of hours a week in the office. Some of us love our job and find it thought-provoking and challenging — a job that pushes us to find creative ideas and solutions all the time. Some of us are still looking for their dream job. If we're lucky, our colleagues are also our friends, maybe we even consider them family. Some of us keep their work and personal life entirely separated. Some offices are mind-blowing when you see them for the first time — they look like wonderlands. Some are plain. And some of us are working remotely, from home.

No matter how your "day at the office" looks like, when you are deeply immersed in your professional work, even when it is highly creative, it can benefit significantly from spicing it up with some creative, imaginative play. Creative play is not something directly required to achieve the task, but an activity that can help you come up with surprising ideas and viewpoints.

Use the Office seempli Spot to spice up your day with creative, playful moments that will help you keep your creative skills in shape and will also make you smile.

The seempli Spot activities are open-ended: there's no right or wrong answer, just an invitation to play, imagine, create, and have fun.

A random activity from the Spot collection is available every 5 minutes.

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