mind the gap

the tube is your creative playground


Whether you are living in London or just visiting the city, you are bound to spend quite some time every day on the Tube. As a tourist, coming from a city with no underground, I find it fascinating. The underground can be overwhelming with visuals, smells, and sounds. It is an infinite source of bits of reality which can be used as triggers to creative insights.

But even if you are using the Tube day in and day out, it never stays the same. The people, the conversations, the walls, the ads — are all constantly changing.

Use the Tube seempli Spot to turn your time on the Tube into pure creative fun time, while developing and mastering your Creativity.

The seempli Spot activities are open-ended: there's no right or wrong answer, just an invitation to play, imagine, create, and have fun.

A random activity from the Spot collection is available every 5 minutes.

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