museum adventure

the museum is your creative playground


Museums are the temples of human creativity. Museums are designed to showcase the creativity of artists — the way they see the world or imagine it, and often their view on what they observe and experience as expressed in their art.

The experience we have in a museum is mostly passive. We visit the museum to consume art. We are the audience. Even if we stop to explore an artwork for a few minutes and intentionally reflect on it, by default, we are just the observers.

The Museum seempli Spot is designed to spice up your next museum visit with opportunities to be actively creative. You don't have to be an artist to observe, imagine, and create a reality in your mind, and there's no better place to be inspired to do so than a museum.

The Museum seempli Spot activities will let you experience art as never before. You are not the audience — you are a co-creator. Art is what is being created between you and the artwork.

The seempli Spot activities are open-ended: there's no right or wrong answer, just an invitation to play, imagine, create, and have fun.

A random activity from the Spot collection is available every 5 minutes.

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