the seempli starter kit

day 06: bubbles


Hi ,

The first part of our creative starter kit is behind us, and that’s a perfect time to reflect back on what we've done till now.

In the past five days, we used seempli Seeds to look at things differently. Each Seed is like a magical pair of glasses: if we keep it in mind, even without thinking about what it means, we start to see the world through its filter. That’s the basic and fundamental form of creativity. Looking at things differently and seeing things nobody else does is an essential part of every creative activity.

Using seempli Seeds, we are training our eyes to look for things we tend to miss. We are training our mind to interpret them differently and use them as raw material for imagining new things.

We also practiced using one Seed with multiple interpretations, which leads the way to a higher degree of observation, imagination, and creativity.

So, by now, you might already feel you are starting to see the world differently. Ordinary things you didn’t pay attention to before may get new meanings. You might stop by and observe things you previously took for granted. And in general, I hope you smile more while walking down the street or looking around you wherever you are right now. But, trust me, we are just starting...

Today we will play with a Seed that may sound very concrete at first. Your challenge for today is to open your mind and try to interpret the Seed as loosely as possible. Today we are going to look for Bubbles!


Now, when working with this Seed, you will naturally look for things that look like bubbles at first. That’s a good first step. However, after capturing one or two Insights, try to “switch filters” and instead of looking for things that have a physical resemblance to bubbles, try thinking of other traits of bubbles. How do bubbles move? How do they sound? How they affect one another?

Each question can lead you to a different exploration and a surprising set of findings.

Boost Your Play

Starting with the literal immediate meaning of the Seed is great, but don't stop there. Try to focus on new or less trivial aspect of the Seed and your Insights will surprise you back!