the seempli starter kit

day 08: look through the prism


Hi ,

We’re on day 08, and it is time to get familiar with a new concept we will use to take seempli, as well as our creativity training, to the next level: the seempli Prisms.

If Seeds act as an invitation to play and see the world differently, the seempli Prisms set the rules of the game. Each Prism introduces a new context, setup, constraint, or a set of guidelines which might change the game a bit, or change it from the ground up.

Sounds enigmatic? Let’s try one simple Prism, and you will get the hang of it.


Our challenge for today is to scale down our playground. Initially, you could have taken a Seed with you wherever you go until you find an Insight inspired by it. Today, though, we will limit the game to a smaller playground.

Pick a Seed from one of the previous days or use the random Seed from the Get in Shape page. Instead of using it to find an Insight wherever you go, try to find an Insight in the room you are in (or the first closed space you will go into).

It may sound like quite an arbitrary constraint, but don’t give up - use it as an opportunity. Constraints ignite creativity and spark the imagination. When you find an Insight, photograph it and upload to the Seed's page.

Now that you have your first Prism in your backpack, you can use it with any Seed from now on and play an even more challenging game. So in fact, any Seed can be played in two different ways. It’s entirely up to you.

Boost Your Play

Prisms are great enhancers to the creativity game. With the seempli Prisms, we are constantly changing the game, its setup, and the constraints under which we play.

Although some of the Prisms might sound more challenging, maybe even difficult, try using them especially when you are feeling stuck with a Seed. They just might spark some new idea.

The combination of Seeds and Prisms creates an infinite number of opportunities for discovery and creativity using seempli, so the fun is really endless.