the seempli starter kit

day 11: words don't come easy


Hi ,

The second part of our starter kit is over, so let’s see what we achieved until now.

In this part, we introduced the concept of seempli Prisms to the creativity game. The seempli Play Prisms enable us to use the Seeds in different contexts or with a different set of constraints, so any Prism is like a new game. We used the Small World Prism to redefine our playground and confine it to a single room, and this, in turn, has driven us to be even more creative.

Constraints are great creativity boosters and we will use more of them in the upcoming days. You can use Prisms at any time and with any Seed, to make the game more challenging, or merely to change the setup every once in a while.

In the third part of our starter kit, we will continue to use observation as the basis for imagination and creativity, but we will add a textual layer to the challenges from time to time. Adding texts to the Insights we find will help us take creativity even further.

Try doing the textual parts of the activities even if you are not accustomed to writing. We are not aiming for the next literary masterpiece. We are merely using another channel in our mind that will help us imagine and create new things.

To start this part, let’s use the following Seed to capture a textual Insight (although you can also play with it by capturing a visual Insight in a different time):


Look at the sky. Don’t think, just let yourself dive into them. When you are ready, write a textual Insight inspired by the sky but without using colors or words commonly used in weather reports, like sun(ny), cloud(y), wind(y), etc.)

It’s not a trivial exercise. The key is clearing your mind and let yourself associate freely.

Save your text on your Insight Journal, and if you feel like adding a photograph of the sky that inspired you, it would be great to do so.