the seempli starter kit

day 12: seeing the invisible


Hi ,

How did it feel to express your association and imagination in writing? Don’t worry if it wasn’t easy or if you felt blocked. Today we are going to use a Prism from the seempli Words collection to practice both visual and textual creativity.

The first part of today’s challenge is to find and capture visually, something Invisible.


After photographing your Insight forget the original Seed and concentrate on the photograph you took. Now, write a short text (no more than few sentences) inspired by the photograph.

It can be a poem, a very short story, or merely the beginning of a story, but don’t just describe the scene. Instead, use it as raw material and build something upon it. Imagine. Let yourself get lost in the picture. Don’t overthink it.

When you’re done, save both the photograph and the inspired text in your Insight Journal.


The Prism we are working with today is the Storify Prism. It is part Words Prism collection which adds a textual layer to the creative challenges.

Boost Your Play

Prisms are great enhancers to the creativity game. With the seempli Prisms, we are constantly changing the game, its setup, and the constraints under which we play.

Although some of the Prisms might sound more challenging, maybe even difficult, try using them especially when you are feeling stuck with a Seed. They just might spark some new idea.

The combination of Seeds and Prisms creates an infinite number of opportunities for discovery and creativity using seempli, so the fun is really endless.