the seempli starter kit

day 13: invitation to a movie


Hi ,

I hope our creative challenge in the past day was not only fun but also an enlightening experience. Using a Seed as a trigger for visual exploration, and then using the visual insight as a trigger for an internal exploration using our imagination is a great practice. Creativity is always built upon what we discover and experience in the real world. We collect raw material for imagining and creating all the time, and with the help of the seempli Platform, we discover even more raw material than before.

So today we are going to apply the same Prism to a different Seed. And today is all about the movies…


As you did yesterday, look for a visual Insight inspired by the Seed — something reminding you a Film Noir in its look, its atmosphere, or something you associate with a specific film. Then, use the photograph you’ve taken as an inspiration for writing a short text of any kind. Just make sure not to describe the scene explicitly, but merely use it as inspiration.

Boost Your Play

Prisms are great enhancers to the creativity game. With the seempli Prisms, we are constantly changing the game, its setup, and the constraints under which we play.

Although some of the Prisms might sound more challenging, maybe even difficult, try using them especially when you are feeling stuck with a Seed. They just might spark some new idea.

The combination of Seeds and Prisms creates an infinite number of opportunities for discovery and creativity using seempli, so the fun is really endless.