the seempli starter kit

day 14: time travel


Hi ,

Today is going to be exciting as we are going to travel in time. Your challenge today starts with The Time Tunnel Seed.


Don’t overthink the Seed, and don’t necessarily look for something reminding you of the TV show. Just keep the Seed in mind, and look for anything that will launch you back in time, or fast forward into the future.

As we did in the past couple of days, after capturing a visual Insight, write a short story inspired only by the photograph you’ve captured. Don’t think about the original Seed. And if you’d like to take it up a notch, limit the length of your text to exactly fifty words. No more, and no less.

Remember that by adding constraints, even if they seem arbitrary, we are boosting our creativity.

Boost Your Play

Constraints promotes creativity! Embrace the constraint - work with it and not against it, even if it seems arbitrary. Make sure your story includes exactly 50 words. If it doesn't, refine it till it does.